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We have been machining timber to a high standard for over 40 years and are constantly looking at the latest technology and processes to improve. We are Specialist Timber Machinists producing high quality timber profiles. Our state of the art moulding machines enable great turnaround in production for a wide range of standard and bespoke sections. The process may start with an existing sample or even a brief sketch, from this we can begin to produce the perfect template for your project.
Step 1 Drawing

A drawing is created for the template to be approved by the customer.

Step 2 Cutter template

The template is created, ready to be used to create the cutter head.

Step 3 Cutter block created

The template is used to create the cutter block, ready to be used to cut the source material to the correct shape and size.

Step 4 Source material selected

The source material is selected ready to send to our Sawyers to be cut to size.

Step 5 Source material prepared

The source material is cut to size. All pieces are now the same width ready to be machined.

Step 6 Machining

The final stage in the mill as the cutter head shapes the product before it's sent to our Coatings department.

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Step 7 Coatings

The product is primed and left to dry

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Step 8 Finished product

The product is stacked, bundled and is now ready for our transport department.


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